Chicken Fries Rings

Chicken Fries Rings

Restaurant: Burger King Year: 2016

Price: $2.99 (6 Fry Rings) Rating:

Item Type: Chicken Entree Location: Nationwide Release

The Burger King Chicken Fries Rings might possibly be one of worst names to come from any major corporation for a product. Why not just call them chicken rings? Possibly because those have been a staple of the white castle menu for years? I have no idea, but I had to look past the name and from the many times I’ve consumed the White Castle version to try these. Maybe next week I’ll try a combination of both company’s rings and call it the King and Castle Ring Combo.


Burger King always has some of the best packaging in the fast food game. It’s line of chicken fries in particular has great packaging. Each line extension that Burger King develops for the fires, has a unique box that plays off of the theme of the box. I also enjoy that the designs often break with some of the BK brands standards, and fully leverages every side of the box. From a functional standpoint, the lid has an awesome sauce cup holder which makes it possibly the best option for fast food eating and driving.

Plate Appeal

Upon opening the box, the Chicken Fries Rings don’t look very impressive, especially in the vast, dark, volume of their packaging , they look pretty chintzy. But once spread out on a plate, they really come alive. Spread horizontally, they look more like a substantial entree. You can also see the variations in breading texture and hints of spices and herbs, which make them look less mass produced. The brown coloration and breaded (but not crispy) exterior also gives the rings an appearance of being a less heavy fried item.


The Burger King Chicken Fries Rings, might be one of the best chicken fast food items I’ve had, from a chain whose sole focus isn’t chicken. The issue with most fast food chicken is that the chicken itself isn’t very flavorful, so all the flavor is in the breading. Consequently, if you eat a nugget, fry, or chunk the flavor profiles varies dramatically through meal. This can be solved by constant dips to sauces, but that also cancels out any flavor of the chicken. The rings overcome that issue however. They have an amazing chicken to breading ratio which allows for a very consistent flavor and texture with every bite. The flavor itself is also very nice with a very mild spice and a subtle barbecue smoky taste.


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